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Jonathan Gonzalez asked 1 year ago

For electives do we need approval to take or can we just register for them? Also is our Academic Advisor for the summer the same for Spring 2018?

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moderator Staff answered 1 year ago

For your elective classes if you are an Ex Sci or Applied Fit option, your options are listed on your DPR. If you are trying to take something outside of those listed, then you need to get those classes pre-approved from your faculty advisor. If you are a Sport Studies option, technically, you can take any Kin 300 or Kin 400 level course (except for Kin 470/L) that you are not using for any other section. 
Your faculty advisor may not be here over the summer. The only full-time advisor here over the summer is Dr. Dube. You can find her hours online through the Kinesiology website.