Can’t register for 477 or 478

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Sergio Barrientos asked 2 years ago

I have been trying to register for either KIN 477 and 478 but for all of them, it is not allowing me to register because it says I haven\\’t met the prerquisite of kin 377, the thing is, I am currently in that class this semester. Is there anything i can do? or someone i should contact? its just frustrating because as a junior, i already have late registration, and i fear i will not be able to get into either of these classes. Thank you for your time

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago

If you are trying to register for the class for summer, then you would need to contact the professors since the class is closed. Fall registration hasn’t started yet, but it should be fine for you to add for the fall.

admin Staff replied 2 years ago

It could also be a misunderstanding of the error message. If you are enrolled in KIN 377 at CSUN, the system should allow him/her to register for KIN 477/478. It is possible that the error message refers to a problem with “requisites”, not “prerequisites”. This could be a few things. For example, not registering for both 477 and 478, not registering for the correct section of 478, trying to enroll in too many units.