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Anonymous asked 4 years ago

How do I change my major?

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admin Staff answered 4 years ago

If you have completed LESS THAN 90 UNITS (see DPR)
Make the change online in your SOLAR student center. For a tutorial that explains how to do this, go to:

The Department of Kinesiology is within the College of Health & Human Development. You will need this information when changing your major or option online.
If you have completed 90 UNITS OR MORE (see DPR)
Complete the “Change of Major” form (see below) and take it to the department of your new major/option. In addition to the form, bring a current copy of your DPR.

You will likely need assistance completing the form, and therefore you should see the undergraduate advisor in the department of your new major/option. If you are attempting to make the change at a time other than the fall or spring semester, the advisor will not be available for assistance. In that case, wait until the next regular semester begin and attend the advisor’s office hours for assistance.
Basically, if you can complete the new major/option within 140 units, your request will likely be approved. However, if it will take you greater than 140 units, your request will likely be denied. If it is denied there is an option of appealing the decision.

See the form below for detailed information about the CSUN change/addition/removal of major/minor policy.

Click here for “Change of Major” Form