Clearing Biology 211/212 pre-requisite with summer class

QuestionsCategory: PrerequisitesClearing Biology 211/212 pre-requisite with summer class
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

Hello I’m currently taking Biology 101/L at my local community college and am hoping to enroll in BIOL 211/212 this fall of 2015. How can I clear the pre-requisite if the class will be in progress  when I go to register?

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moderator Staff answered 3 years ago

You would need to complete the class and submit transcripts to our Admissions and Records. Once those are cleared, you’ll be able to sign-up for the Bio 211/212 class. The only way to avoid this would be to contact the Bio department and see if they’ll allow you to take the Anatomy class without the transcripts being submitted. If they say “no”, then you’ll have to wait.