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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I was accepted as a transfer student (KINES), for this Fall 2015 but I have not been able to register for any classes I need they are all completely full because I am a transfer student w/ Senior status I do not have a whole lot to chose from my question is what is CSUN doing to accommodate? Also what do I do in the situation where classes have started and I still cannot find a full class schedule.
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moderator Staff answered 3 years ago

As an in-coming transfer student, you should come in for advisement. You can find the hours for the summer academic advisor on the Kinesiology website under the student tab. 
The other option for you would be to look at your Degree Progress Report to see what classes you still need to take. You can find information on how to find your DPR as well as how to read it online on CSUN’s How to Guides for Students. It is abbreviated as DPR on the how to guides. 
The last thing you can consider is wait-listing classes that do not have labs. Again, please refer to the how to guides to find out how to do this. This link will take you to the how to guides.