Dropping KIN 346

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none asked 2 years ago

It’s the 12th’s week into the semester and I want to drop KIN 346 since I did not do well on the first exam. I am wondering…

  1. if dropping the course will affect my GPA?
  2. If dropping the lecture ONLY, I am still able to continue taking the lab this semester?
1 Answers
admin Staff answered 2 years ago

You will not be allowed to drop the class unless there is a medical reason. Also, since it is a combination class (lecture/lab), you would need to get permission to drop both. Also, if dropping gets approved, then it obviously would not affect GPA, but if you are getting financial aid, then it will affect that and you may need to pay the money back.

admin Staff replied 2 years ago

If you did stop going to class and receive an F, you would not need to retake the lab (as long as you passed the lab).