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Anonymous asked 5 years ago

What are “holds” and how do I know if I have a hold in my account?

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admin Staff answered 5 years ago

Check if you have a hold on you account.

From CSUN: Holds are “indicators” on your student record that require your attention and action. There are many kinds of holds, from “advisement” to “undecided major.” For example, an Advisement Hold means that you must meet with your academic advisor before enrolling in classes. Some holds, called Registration Holds, block enrollment in classes.

Click link below to learn how to check if you have a hold on your account.

admin Staff replied 5 years ago

Note: There are other types of holds. If you have a hold (other than a “major” hold) and do not know how to get it removed, please contact your option advisor or the Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Dr. Kim Henige) for assistance.

moderator Staff replied 5 years ago

Generally, all holds can be found at least one month before registration begins and are all located on your Checklist under “Incomplete Tasks”. If you click on the hold, it will let you know who you need to speak with in order to get the hold taken off.