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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

What do I do if I need to add-drop a class late?

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admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Late Registration/Schedule Adjustment begins with the first instructional weekday of an academic term and ends on the last day to late register or change academic schedule online through myNorthridge and the CSUN mobile app. Thereafter, a formal request with justification and signatures is required. For more information, please visit the following link:

moderator Staff answered 3 years ago

The only way to drop classes past the 5th week is because of medical issues or if you’ve had to suddenly move out of the commuting vicinity. If you’d like to attempt to drop any classes, you would need to follow the instructions on the following link under the form that says “Late Change in Academic Schedule- Undergraduate and Second Bachelor’s Students Only”. Use this form only for weeks 5-12. After that you’d need to use the “Last 20% of Instruction and Retroactive Change in Schedule for Undergraduate Students” form. Both of these forms provide you information on what needs to be done and what additional documentation is needed in order to be considered for the drop. Click here for the link to the forms.