Physical Therapy (PT): Doctorate (DPT) vs. Master’s (MPT)

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What is the difference between Doctorate (DPT) and Master’s (MPT) in Physical Therapy?

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The CSUN PT program and entry-level DPT programs offer basically the same curriculum. Students at CSUN:

  • Meet the same student learning outcomes (SLO’s)
  • Complete the same coursework and internships
  • Sit for the same exam and get the same license

The Governor of California recently signed legislation authorizing California State University (CSU) schools to offer the DPT degree. CSUN’s Department of Physical Therapy will be making the conversion from MPT to DPT in the near future.  Anyone with a PT license is licensed at the entry-level degree that was required when they graduated. If you are licensed after completing a Master’s in PT, you will not have to complete a DPT later. There are many experienced clinicians currently working with only a BS. However, although it is not required, many PT’s have been going back to get their DPT in continuing education programs.