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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

Is there a minimal grade I need to earn in BIO 101/L before being admitted in BIO 281?

admin Staff replied 6 months ago

This is a reminder to all students that in order to take BIO 281 at CSUN you must pass BIO 101/L (or BIO 106/L and 107/L) with a C or better. If you get a C- in either the lab or lecture, you will need to repeat it before you can take the BIO 281 at CSUN. The BIO department will not make that exception.

The only other option is to take Physiology at a Community College.

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admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Officially beginning fall 17, students must receive a C or higher in BIO 101/L before they can take BIO 281. However, they have placed the grade pre-req for spring 17 in Solar. Therefore, students with a C- or lower will not be allowed to enroll in BIO 281 for spring 17. However, since the grade prereq is not official until fall 17, students with a C- or lower will be admitted case-by-case with permission numbers from the instructor.