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What is the difference between a withdrawal and a fail?

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An “F” is worse than a Withdrawal. However, if a student gets a WU (unauthorized withdrawal), it is equivalent to an “F”. An WU is the same as an F in the GPA. A W does not affect GPA, but if a student has many Ws on their transcript, it looks bad.
Usually, it is difficult to get a withdrawal from a class after the third or fourth week of the semester. The only ways that are approved would be because of medical issues that are out of the student’s control; activation for compulsory military duty; and/or relocation out of the immediate area. All of these scenario’s must be substantiated through proper documentation and forms must be filled out and signed.
It is also important to note that if a student is looking to withdraw during the last three weeks of the semester, then unless they have completed significant amount of coursework, they would have to apply for a full withdrawal. Again, supporting documentation is needed. 
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